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Friday, June 24, 2011

Early Morning Running Blues

With the onset of summer (and the heat and humidity that comes with it) I've been trying to transition to running in the morning.  When I plan out my schedule the week before it sounds like a brilliant plan to run before work - I'll get up a litle early, get my miles in, and start my day refreshed and ready-to-go without having the "exercise cloud of doom" hanging over my head.

But sometimes, I underestimate the challenge of getting out of bed.

I'm exhausted. I'm cranky. My allergies are bugging me. My knee feels a tad bit stiff. My bed is just too comfy. Why the hell did I sign up for this stupid marathon, anyways?

Luckily I've been able to quell the voices in my head and force myself to get up and moving for the most part (you know you've reached a low point when you are half asleep and are calculating your weekly mileage totals to see if this morning's easy run is really necessary.) And once I'm up and moving - I remember that hey, I actually do like to run, and this marathon training business isn't so bad, after all.

Too bad I seem to have selective memory, and I'll have the same battle in my head the next morning.

When is your favorite time of day to train? How do you stay motivated?


  1. Definitely in the morning! Unless I'm running with someone, PM workouts always seem like an endless chore to me.

  2. I love a.m. running! After doing it for so long, it's not too hard to get up anymore. Just thinking about the sunrise and my feet pounding the dirt/roads usually gets me out the door. Cheesy, I know :)

  3. I honestly just run whenever I get the chance. Ideally I would love to do my runs early in the morning but it does not always work out that way...

  4. I am all over the morning runs but honestly i ran 8 this morning and it was awful the humidity was ridiculous i stopped more times than i can count