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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Fitness Goals

Happy New Year!

It's been a rough couple of post-marathon months thanks to a bout of patellar tendonitis on my right knee, but it looks like my running is finally on back on track. I've been able to handle running 25-30 miles/week, which puts me in a good spot to start training for the New York City Half Marathon in March.  I'm pretty pumped for this one since I qualified for guaranteed entry and was able to skip out on the lotto.  Plus, I haven't attempted to run a half marathon at an all-out race pace since my ill-fated attempt at the Brooklyn Half Marathon last May. Watch out, sub-2 hour half marathon, I am coming for you!

Marathon training might be time consuming, but it's so worth it.
On top of training for a big goal half marathon, I also plan on finally making a decent effort to learn how to swim.  I mean, I can get across the pool without killing myself (I did grow up in Miami after all!) but I'm quite inefficient slow. My first lesson with my local tri group starts next Sunday. Here's hoping I don't make a complete fool of myself.

Except for spinning once or twice a week, the biking is going to have to be put on hold until spring.  It's hard enough to run in the cold, but getting on the bike? Forget it! I guess I'm just not that hardcore.

Since I have all of these big plans for 2012, I thought there was only one fitting way to kick off my New Years celebration - a midnight run!

Getting ready for our run
NYRR hosted its famous Emerald Nuts Midnight Run this year as per usual. It's the typical 4 mile Central Park route but with tons of holiday festivities.   There's a DJ, midnight fireworks and even a "champagne" (i.e. sparking apple cider) spot halfway through.  The run was an untimed "fun run" so I was more concerned about enjoying the run and having a fun evening than my pace - big change for me!

2012 is going to be a fabulous - I just know it!


  1. I agree that 2012 is going to be awesome! It has to be, because 2011 didn't have much to offer. :P

    Good luck with your half training!! I'm doing the same with similar goals. Hopefully we both pull through in one piece!

  2. 2012 will definitely be fabulous. And good luck with your sub 2 hour half. I really want to reach that goal too.

    I also want to run a marathon for the first time. Hopefully, it will happen.

  3. I ran the midnight run last night! i had a blast and i hope to do it again in the future!

  4. Happy 2012! Can't wait to hear about your swimming progress as I work on mine!!

  5. Now that's a great reason to see in the New Year. Love it!

  6. Hey! I am running the New York Half too! That's great that you are over your injuries- all uphill from here! :)

    and I agree- 2012 will be fabulous!

  7. Happy New Year and hour midnight run sounded like a great time! I just bought some of the shot blocks while in the States over the holidays. I've never used them before,but will soon as I'm entering the double digit long-run territory.


  8. You will get the sub-2 half marathon! That's one of my goals this year too!

    My husband and I just went swimming this morning for the first time in a little over a year (so sad). We were both swimmers for a really long time, but this morning my arms felt like noodles. Swimming will get easier for you, though!

  9. I'm going to try to learn how to swim this year too!

  10. Wow,you are so lucky you got into the NYC Half! If you want swimming help let me know...i was a swimming teacher since I was 14 and a coach for a while too! I'd love to help other people learn too, plus I'm working on my own triathlon goal this year.

  11. It is going to be fabulous! Congrats on the NYC half guaranteed entry!

  12. A midnight new years eve run sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a fabulous 2012!