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Monday, March 12, 2012

One Week to Go Until the NYC Half

I'm now just one week away from the New York City Half Marathon. After waiting a year to run this race, I'm very excited to have a chance to participate. So far the forecast is looking pretty good, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the weather report sticks!
(I know stalking a week a way is pretty pointless, but I can't help it)

All that's left now is to rest up and have a little faith in my training. I know I've worked pretty hard for this training cycle, especially considering how badly I was injured back in November.  My weeks consisted mostly of once-a-week tempo/speed intervals, a long run, and lots of easy miles.  I ended up peaking at 45 miles/week (well 44 and change - thanks dailymile for rounding up) and averaging about 36 miles/week for the cycle.
Mileage for the training cycle from dailymile.Don't ask me why the last week in Dec./first week in Jan. were split into two weeks.
I know some prefer to do their final long run one week out, but I'm definitely a fan of running my longest run two weeks out and starting to cut back my mileage from there.  Luckily,  there was a local racing series that was holding a 25K about 10 minutes from my front door.  A long run with built in support and company? Count me in!

I knew it was going to be a tough run when I realized a portion of the course was going to run through some of the roads where my marathon training group met over the summer.  I recruited my friend Dahlia from the city to come out and join me, and I knew it wasn't just me when she told me she would never complain about the hills in Central Park again!

But despite the tough course, I did feel stronger and faster than when I ran in the area over the summer. I was even able to pick it up for the last few miles at goal race pace.
Finishing the 25K. Clearly I had no idea there was going to be a camera.

I know all of this should be evidence that I am strong and ready-to-go for race day next weekend, but I am still so nervous. The last time I tried for a sub-2 half was last May, and that turned out to be an epic fail. I just hope all my hard work this training cycles pays off!

Any last minute tips leading up to race day (or cures for race day anxiety)?


  1. You're going to rock it! Just remind yourself that you have trained hard, you're ready, and you can do it!! :)

  2. Just Go for it and do what you can! I feel like putting extra pressure on your self makes your mental aspect outweigh your Actual physical condition.

  3. How exciting! That's a race I've always wanted to do. Your training sounds excellent and I think that sub 2 will be yours. No worries on race day. Just reflect on your training and gain confidence from it.

  4. Girl, I am impressed with your weekly mileage totals. You can totally trust in your training, you have got this sub 2, no question!!

  5. Remember to have fun; to THINK/SAY postive thoughts to yourself because you are what you think you are (I've found out). Seriously, just keep on repeating, "I'm awesome, I've got this! (repeat)" Good luck!

  6. I would say stick to your plan and trust your training!! Yes and have fun!!! You're going to ROCK NYC!!!

  7. You are going to have a great race! Have fun!