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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've Been a Naughty Blogger

Sorry gang - I know I've been MIA for the past week. I wish I could say I was off doing a super cool destination race, but really, I've just been swamped.  We are down 2 people during a very crucial time period during my day job, and work has been a monster. Plus, it's Passover - I'm not the most observant Jew, but I did want to make sure a cooked all the good stuff on Monday for a mini sedar (after I got in my recovery run, of course!)  So busy work + running 25-30 miles week + cross training + trying to be a loving girlfriend and having a normal social life = not enough hours in he day!

But I have some exciting news to report. Run Disney just announced a new women-only race in Disneyland - the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I know some aren't thrilled about another girl-friendly race, and while I understand their concerns, I'm personally thrilled about it.  I love girly fun (and pretty medals and race shirts in a women's cut!)- plus it's an excuse to take a trip to LA next January when it's freezing back in New York. I haven't officially signed up, but it's looking like a strong possibly to start off the 2012 racing season.

There's also lots of good running fun coming up this weekend. Saturday is the NYRR 4 Miler, my first NYRR race of the season, and the first step in getting my 9 qualifying races done for the 2012 marathon.  I am really looking forward to this one - I haven't raced a shorter distance race in SO long, so I'm hoping to see some improvement.  Plus, there is just something so electrifying about the atmosphere of a NYRR race - I've done a bunch of races with all sorts of different groups, but really, nothing compares.

JackRabbit Sports is also putting on a big running show this weekend. Basically, it's a giant race expo, without the race, of course.  I'm a fiend for new running gear, so I'm looking forward to stopping by to check it out. Sure, I may have an entire set of plastic drawers in my closet stuffed to the brim, and I may or may not have three different pairs of Asics scattered around on the floor...but hey, there's always room for more, right?

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